Which Treatment After COVID-19 Poll Engagement Idea

Step #1:  Read Instructions

Participants, Materials and Time Needed:

1 Person and 5 minutes to go live.


A poll is a very powerful tool on Facebook that enables you to get specific answers to questions and to take the pulse of your patients interest. Running a poll is a great way to engage your patients on social media and to get them to share their opinions which they love to do.


Copy and customize the post text below or write your own and publish using the poll option on Facebook.  See here how to make a Facebook Poll.

Step #2: Publish Poll

🤔 Which Treatment Do You Want After COVID-19?  😃

  1.  Botox 💉
  2.  Filler ❓

We know you have opinions, and we want to see them! Please make your vote in our poll right now!

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