Step#1:  Read Instructions

Video Participants, Materials and Time Needed:

1-3 People, 1 Smartphone Camera and 10-15 minutes to shoot video.

Video Objectives:

Patients want to see your staff and practice in a more authentic and personal way. Video is the medium that will set your practice apart on social media. Plus, you’ll get a ton of reactions from your patients and fans.

Video Instructions:

Record a weekly Covid-19 update video so you can keep patients in the know about what’s going on in your practice, your community and in the med aesthetic community in regard to COVID-19. Now is the perfect time to get yourself and the staff on video.

Print the Social Photo Sign below (if included) and give to participating staff.  Have a staff member hold the Social Photo Sign and start taking recording the video.  Use a Smartphone camera to shoot the video horizontally.

Copy and customize the post text below or write your own and publish with video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere.  If you are including a patient(s) in this video, please remember to get them to sign the HIPAA consent form here.

Step #2: ⬇ Copy Post Text ⬇

✔ Weekly COVID-19 Update Video Engagement Idea 😊

Here are the latest updates so you can be in the know about what is happening with us and in our community.

Feel free to share anything you’d like us to know below! 😚

Step #3:  Publish and Promote

Post on Facebook and Instagram as Posts and Stories.  All Engagement Ideas are 100% boost friendly on Facebook and Instagram. If you really want to skyrocket your results, then boost this post for the biggest reach and impact!  Also, have everyone in the practice like and share the post.

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