Publish this Social Photo Sign Engagement Idea! Print. Photo. Post. GROW! Social Media Success Starts “IN” Your Practice.

Your patients will LOVE it when you use Social Photo Signs. They make you standout, create engagement and show your personal side. Don’t overthink it. Social Photo Sign 100% work! Take 5 minutes and do it now!

Step #1:  Read Instructions

Time, Participants and Materials Needed:

1 person, a Printable Social Photo Sign and 5 minutes to go live


This Social Photo Sign is a fun and easy way to show your patients how much you appreciate them.


Download, print and snap a photo or make a Boomerang video of your team members and Doctor/practice lead/owner holding the Social Photo Sign.  Copy and customize the sample post text below or write your own and publish on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere.

Step #2: ⬇ Copy Post Text ⬇

 We ❤ Our Patients…

During the COVID-19 outbreak we want to let you know we appreciate you very much!

Please stay safe and healthy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help in any way, we are here for you. 😊

Download Engagement Materials

Step #3: Print Social Photo Sign(s)

Print Social Photo Sign

Step #4:  Photo Staff Holding Social Photo Sign

Snap a photo of your team member(s) and doctor/practice lead/owner holding the Social Photo Sign using a camera, your phone’s camera or make a Boomerang video from within the Facebook and / or Instagram App.

Step #5: Publish Text and Photo to Facebook and Instagram and Boost It!

Post on Facebook and Instagram as Posts and Stories.  All Engagement Ideas are 100% boost friendly on Facebook and Instagram. If you really want to skyrocket your results, then boost this post for the biggest reach and impact!  Also, have everyone in the practice like and share the post so it can get more reach.

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