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ADIRA Commonly Asked Questions

Click here to see commonly asked questions >>>

How Do I Get Started

Creating your account is fast, secure, and takes just 1 minute!  Once signed up, our team will review your account, and then shortly afterward your account will be live, so you can log in and start using ADIRA instantly.

What Happens After My Trial Ends?

After your trial expires, you can continue your account at our low monthly rate of only $399/mo.  That’s less than 1 monthly Botox patient.  Your account will renew automatically, so you don’t have to do anything more.  However, if for some reason you decide not to continue using ADIRA, then please reach out to us beforehand, and we’ll close your account which will then allow another practice in your area to take your spot.

Is There a Long-Term Contract?

NOPE!  There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel anytime.

How Does the ADIRA Content License Work?

As long as you are a paying ADIRA customer you can continue to use and publish ADIRA content. If you’re no longer a paying customer then you cannot continue to use the content.

What If I Need Live Help?

GREAT!  You’re never alone with you have ADIRA.  You can get any time help from your Marketing Success Coach as well as you have access to dozens of on-demand training videos that will help you to market your practice like a pro.  Your coach is there to help you succeed with ADIRA and your Social Media & Marketing so don’t hesitate to contact them.

How Do I Pick and Publish the Content?

Start at the Marketing Calendar where you’ll find engaging content and ideas that have been planned out for you to publish each day and for weeks in advance.  Or, browse the Content Library and choose from over 1000 viral Facebook and Instagram posts, stories, and videos you can publish instantly.

Or, why not publish a Promotion like the popular Giveaway promotion or print and publish a fun and personal Social Sign or Engagement Idea.  You can follow our proven publishing plan or pick and publish any content whenever you want.  ADIRA truly is the easiest way to Social Media & Marketing Success!

Is There a Limit to How Much Content I Can Use and Publish?

NOPE!  There are no limits at all and that’s the point.  You could schedule your Social Media posts & Marketing Content for the next 3 years in just a few hours using ADIRA if you wanted to!  On average, many practices get all their Social Media posts, emails, videos, and other marketing content set-up for the entire week in less than 30 minutes.  WOW…imagine that for your practice.

Can I Personalize the Content and Add My Logo and Brand, Etc?

You sure can!  You can edit the post text, add your logo, practice name, and branding to make it all on your own.

How Often is New Content Added to ADIRA?

Every Week!  Our expert Social Media & Marketing designers design and curate, fresh, super-engaging content, ideas, and promotions that Med Aesthetic patients and buyers want to interact with and share with friends.  All you have to do is pick the content, publish it, and profit!

How Do I Know ADIRA is Working?

You’ll know ADIRA is working when you track how much time you save and how much money you make.  After 4 weeks of using ADIRA, check your Facebook/Instagram/Email stats to see all the increased engagement you’ve received.  More Engagement + More Patients = More Profit.  It’s that simple!

Is ADIRA HIPAA Compliant?

YEP!  ADIRA has been designed with HIPAA compliance in mind.  You’ll get the tools and strategies to help you use Social Media in a compliant and effective way.

Why Only Allow One ADIRA Account Per 10-Mile Service Area?

We believe in giving our clients a huge competitive advantage on Social Media. Currently, we only allow one qualifying practice per zip code to be an exclusive client of ADIRA.  If you’re seeing the button to sign-up on this website, that means that your service area is still available for you to lock-in and claim.  Don’t let your competition claim your area. Sign-up and lock-in your account now.

Who and What Kind of Med Aesthetic Practice Does ADIRA Work For?

ADIRA works perfectly for Medical Spas, Plastic Surgery, and Dermatology practices, and any other practice that offers Medical Aesthetics services to consumers.  If that’s you and you want to save hours a week on marketing tasks, get new patents, and GROW your practice without any hassles, then ADIRA is 100% for you.

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect?

The average non-surgical Med Aesthetic lifetime patient value is $5,000.  For Plastic Surgeons, it’s $8,000.  You only need to gain or retain just 1 patient yearly for ADIRA to pay for itself!  On average, ADIRA clients increase their Social Media & Marketing engagement by 35%, their Social Media and Marketing related revenues by a minimum of 15% -25%  all while saving 3-5 hours weekly. **Your results could be more or less than these here.

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P.P.S.  If you’re not ready for ADIRA to quickly revolutionize your marketing results right now that’s okay.  However, we’re not sure how long the $14 / 14-day trial offer will be available if you don’t snap it up today.  So, If you decide not to get this amazing offer, then at least don’t leave empty-handed today without getting some free social media content here.